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Mongolian culinary tour

Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

You’ll be greeted at the train station and driven to your guesthouse. You may have time to relax after the journey before a ‘Welcome’ dinner at our  restaurant. /Dinner/

Day 2. Mongolian cooking class with Master chef of Mongolia

In the morning, you’ll have a guidedcity tour of Ulaanbaatar. Lunch will be served at our restaurant with unique Mongolian dishes. After lunch, we enjoy to visit a local market to learn about Mongolian ingredients and try your skills in bargaining and buying produce from the locals. After that, under guidelines of a skillful chef, you'll learn how to cook some typical Mongolian dishes representative of Mongolian cuisine. Stay overnight in a guesthouse. /Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner/

Day 3. Ulaanbaatar – Elsen Tasarkhai – camel riding

8.00 am - Depart for a 5-6 hour drive to Elsen Tasarkhai. After lunch in a Mongolian Ger, there is an opportunity for a camel ride trial through the sand dunes. This evening you will learn how to cook Mongolian traditional dish Khuushuur (Fried dumpling). Stay overnight in a  Ger of nomad family. /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/ see more details

Day 4. Elsen Tasarkhai - Kharakhorum

Enjoy an sunrise in Snd dunes before travelling to Kharakhorum. Visit the largest and first Mongolian Buddhist temple complex of Erdene Zuu Monastery and Kharakhorum museum which was opened in 2011. Vist local market and discover varied kind of Mongolian traditional dairy products. Stay overnight in a  Ger guesthouse. /Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner/see more details

Day 5. Visit nomad family and Horkhog real Mongolian Barbacue food tasting

In the morning you will have 45 kms driving to Khotont soum of Arkhangai province. Visit nomad family who is living in this beauty mountains surrounding area many years. Today offers you a good chance for food tasting before leaving heart Land of Greet Mongol Empire. Nomads will introduce you real Mongolian barbecue named as Khorkhog and you will get opportunity to learn this delicious traditional Mongolian dish on your own. Then stay overnight in a Ger of nomad family. /Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner/see more details

Day 5. Visit Tuvkhun monastery – cooking class

Your morning will begin to drive to the Tuvkhun monastery.  In the evening you wil discover another one Mongolian traditional meal called Buuz. Enjoy your own buuz. Nomads will help you to find easiest to way to make this Mongolian traditional dish buuz. Stay overnight in a Ger of nomad family. /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/see more details

Day 6. Tuvkhun monastery – Khustai National Park

In the morning, your car will drive you to Khustai National Park. Visit small museum of the national park, watch a short movie about wild horses and the national park. We will see in a place where wild horses go down from mountains to drink water. Stay overnight a Ger of nomad family. /Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner/see more details

Day 7. Making varies kind of Mongolian traditional dairy products

Today you will prepare dairy products with nomads and feel daily nomad’s chore such as milking cows, producing aaruul (dried curd made by cow’s and goat’s milk.). You’ll spend the night at the bank of the Tuul river. Enjoy view of the Tuul river valley. Stay overnight in a Ger of nomad family. /Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner/see more details

Day 8. The Tuul river – Ulaanbaatar

Morning depart from the Tuul river to Ulaanbaatar and transfer to your accommodation. In the evening, your guide will take to the famous Mongolian traditional performance "Tumenekh" assembly. After performance you will have Departure dinner at our restaurant. Stay overnight in guesthouse. /Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner/

Day 9. Departure day

After breakfast you will transfer to the train station. End of the service. /Breakfast/

Ulaanbaatar – City tour and cooking class – ElsenTasrkhai and camel riding – Kharakhorum – Tuvkhun monastery and cooking – Khorkhog – Khustai National Park – Visit nomad family – To learn to produce dairy products – Ulaanbaatar
  • Activities: Visit to nomads, learning to cook Mongolian dishes, camel riding.
  • Duration: 8 nights / 9 days
  • Covering distance: 1100 km's
  • Season: April – mid November
The special culinary program gives you the unique opportunity to get a deep taste of Mongolian delicious dishes. Experience the unique lifestyle of Mongolian nomads in their vast and unspoiled country. There will be plenty to see and do. Stay with local nomads, watch how they look producingdairy products and cooking sample their traditional food.
An advantage of this trip you can travel through different zones and enjoy vast open spaces with natural contrasts within several days. During the trip, approximately it takes 4-7 hours driving from one to next destination. Each 1-1.5 hours, we have short stop frequently for photographs, toilets, stretch and meet with local nomads. In the countryside, we use 4WD vehicles, specially, Russian minivans and Japanese jeeps. Normally, 2-3 people are in one jeep with luggage. The minivan has capacity of 7 people with luggage. All vehicles used in our tours are insured and carefully prepared before departures. Our drivers are also good mechanics, have many years of experience for driving through unmarked, unpaved bumpy roads in countryside. Overnight we stay Mongolian dwelling Ger. It is very enjoyable for theguests when they are in countryside. Ger is a very convenient dwelling as moveable, dome-shaped and constructed of wooden framework and felt cover. availableWhen you visit to nomad family, you can taste traditional dairy products such as yogurt, dried milk curds, milk tea, fermented mare’s milk wine, sour cream and cheese.