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Khustai National Park

    Khustai National Park is located in 110 km southwest of Ulaanbaatar city. Hustai was protected as a national park since 1993. It covers 50,000 hectare area and national park was known as the area of Mongolian wild horses Takhi. The Takhi is the last surviving ancestor of the modern Mongolian horses. Also known as Przewalski's wild horse, the species once roamed the steppe of Central Asia and Europe, but since 1968 it has been extinct in the wild. The Takhi re-introduction project is one part of a world-wide initiative to return the highly endangered species to its Mongolian homeland. Now there are 300 populations have been breeding in this area. Takhi is now only true wild horse left in the World The park has a bio-diversity of other rare wild animals and plants. The quantity of various ecosystems within the park assures an abundance of wildlife.