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Altai Tavan Bogd mountain





    Located at the western most point of Mongolia, this park on the border of both Russia and China has views of Kazakhstan from the highest peak of Tavan Bogd Mountains (“Five Sacred” in Mongolian). At the northwest end of this 630,000 hectare park, the Tavan Bogd Mountains contains the 5 highest mountain peaks in Mongolia, with the highest, Khuiten Uul “Cold Peak’ at 4374 M (14,201 ft). The mountains are considered sacred to local Tuva and Kazakhs. The park contains the full spectrum of archeology in Bayan-Ulgii with petroglyphs, standing stones, burial mounds, and Kazakh cemeteries. Another popular region of the park is the lakes region, which is renowned for its natural beauty. Many eagle hunters live inside the park to hunt the plentiful wildlife during the winter months like Corsac foxes and rabbits. There are many endangered species inside the park including argali sheep, ibex, grey wolves, red deer, black vulture, elk, snow leopards, Altai snowcock, golden eagles, and many others.