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West Taiga

    West Taiga is situated to the west of Tsagaan Nuur village beyond a steppe valley called “Harmae.” The West Taiga can be reached by driving or riding approximately 20 km from the TCVC to the back of the Harmae valley, where the edge of the taiga begins. Portions of the West Taiga are in the administrative district of Ulaan Uul, Tsagaan Nuur’s neighboring village, or soum. The West Taiga is notoriously rugged, with steep, wooded, mountainous terrain, rocky slopes, and rivers that can be impassible during portions of the year. With the exception of a few camp locations situated at the back of Harmae valley on the edge of the taiga, the West Taiga is only accessible by horseback, with average camp distances ranging from 10-40 km from the edge of the taiga. The West Taiga is home to more than 20 Tsaatan households, who move in family groups composed of 1-10 households.